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Become the BEST Version of YOU

Know what I love more than celebrating a New Year? Celebrating a New YOU!

First of all… Creating the BEST version of YOU takes guts + gumption!

If there’s one thing I believe most, it’s that the person you dream of becoming is already who you are inside, you just haven’t given yourself permission or enough belief that you have what it takes to truly OWN it.

Imagine how much your life would change, flourish and grow if you decided today to know, without a doubt, this is true.

That was the main inspiration for the FB Live in my private group yesterday: Celebrating + supporting the new YOU! Why? Because helping fellow humans max out on their creative potential + expansion + helping women blow the doors off their biz goals, is my calling.

Shout out to everyone who watched the Live yesterday (and on the replay)! Thank you 🙂

Since then, I’ve had several people PM me asking about the special support I spoke of to those who participated in the Live.

I’ve been busy behind the scenes over-hauling some business systems. ie. switching to a new invoicing system, and moving from Paypal to Stripe.

I promised to support you during this crucial year-end transition – and here it is. It’s completely no-frills at this point but this has been in the making SINCE LAST NEW YEAR’S!

I feel that NOW is the time to share it.

It’s a business strategy + coaching package for women entrepreneurs who are on the brink of change + experiencing confusion and massive resistance.

With the current climate among women entrepreneurs, I can safely say that MOST of us are going through exactly that: Resistance + lack of confidence.

But if we don’t get the support needed to continue on the growth trajectory, we can get caught in the constant loop of plateauing + staying the same for a long time, then regressing eventually due to fears + frustrations.

Are you feeling it too?

I’ve transitioned through this several times – I know what works.

I’ve created this new program around the ebb + flow we all go through in business + life.

Being a catalyst for women biz owners with each level of transition from one to the next >>

Reach. Expand. Reflect. (Repeat)

I just sat down and defined this earlier this year after going through the toughest transition of my life!

But if you think about it, this is basically the growth cycle.

Here’s what it can look like if we don’t get support:

Reach. Spin wheels. Stay the same or sliiiiide back. Fears,
not enough-ness + frustration. Reflect. Settle. (Repeat)

Does this resonate and sound familiar?

Since learning the neuroscience behind this (I’m currently getting my NeuroCoaching Certification with Shonte Jovan Taylor), I see how it’s played out in my own life + see first hand the results of how this knowledge can make huge shifts in our life and can make anything possible!

Cultivating a thriving lifestyle + business model that supports + nourishes the woman you’re becoming is the ultimate goal.

We live our lives 95% of the time from our subconscious. The remaining 5% we live consciously.

That said, there’s a very good chance you’ll keep getting the same result if you keep going as you are.

Everything you’re becoming, you’re doing so mainly from your subconscious.

It’s why your limiting beliefs + fears sabotage you unless you intervene consciously + deliberately. It’s trying to keep you safe – everything else is the unknown and unsafe to the subconscious mind.

Change comes from consciously shaping + molding yourself into being.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is deciding to go it alone and “Woman-Up” or DIY’ing their growth.

It’s commendable + you may make initial strides on sheer guts + gumption, but you can only get so far because we ALL have blind spots.

Many may not be aware of these blind spots unless we have a support to mirror this back to us, and keep us on our growth path – and remind us that we are in fact worthy of achieving our dreams!

Transition is tricky. It’s part of life and it’s even more of a factor in business.

Getting the right support to create a container fuelled with momentum, high vibe + possibilities, to implement strategies for visibility, sales, leverage for your life + biz expansion is e-v-er-y-t-h-i-n-g.

It’s changed my mindset, personal life, and business forever.

The alternative of going it alone?

Being back at square one – Wishing, hoping + praying the gods for guidance, clarity + income.

And hey, I’m allll about giving people the benefit of the doubt and wanting someone to succeed while maintaining 100% autonomy.

Our brains aren’t designed that way though. We all need help.

I’m your guide, mentor, “how to” consultant, brand specialist, cheerleader, arse-kicker, accountability partner, PR consultant, uplifter + friend who will remind you daily of your limitless capacity + ability to receive all you desire!

Some examples of what I can help you with:

>>Releasing the previous year: Give you the mindset support to let go of past fears + disappointments, and take you out of stagnancy, make strides + create momentum!

>> Embracing the new year: Lay the foundation through creative visualization + other tools

>> Align with your message + goals

>> Develop a framework + plan for next 90 Days

>> Create strategies: Visibility Funnel TM, sales funnel + brand strategy that feels good to YOU!

>> Develop a brand + visual style guide (aligned photography, color + typeface palettes)


Let me know in the comments if this resonates and how I can help you!

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3 Steps to Develop a Beautiful Brand That Converts!

Jacqueline Rimmer
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