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Becoming The Real You

It shouldn’t be so hard being you.

So… why does it sometimes feel like you have to make such a monstrous effort to make an impression or to be accepted?

Because we all have emotional triggers from our past that threaten our sense of belonging.

If we’re not “perfect” then we may not be fully appreciated or understood or loved… and that’s a huge threat. And as entrepreneurs it’s a threat because if we’re not like or trusted, then we can’t build our following or make the revenue we had hoped.

I’ve gone through this myself. So I know firsthand how deep some of this is entrenched in our human psyche.

If you suspect you have this, you probably do!

It’s time to let go of the façade, the outright BS, + begin the work of loving yourself more deeply and becoming your true badass self!

You have permission to be unapologetically, unequivocally + undeniably YOU. #therealyou

The irony is that even though you have extremely high standards of achieving great things in your business, the chances of attaining those things are slim to none, unless you kick the perfectionist to the curb + embrace who you really are.

Because people can sense when you’re being inauthentic. And what sells, is showing up + being real AF… Strong opinions, big heart, bad hair days – all of it!!

If you sense that you’re a perfectionist, try doing something this week that will cut yourself some slack + stop stressing about the occasional mistake – let go of some control!

For instance, hire a VA to take care of all of your social media branding + posting for the month.

Or maybe celebrate your wins that you’ve accomplished the past week!

Or ask: How real can I get with my audience? A vulnerable post? Do it!

There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman being comfortable in her own skin + in her perfect imperfection.

If you’re struggling building your brand from the perspective of a recovering perfectionist, let me know in the comments.

Quick heads up (and if you’re reading this : I have both my Do-It-Yourself Brand Coaching Programs AND my Done-For-You Branding Packages on a huge summer special until Sept. 1st. – Up to $1000 off! What the…?! ** Check it out in Work With Me pages.**

Even though I’ve been “schooled”, by a mentor + by my colleagues telling me not to discount or have promos… this is me being real, authentic AF. Because part of my “why” and my mission is to be of service, reaching, impacting + supporting as many people as is humanly possibly for one woman!

That’s the beauty of taking ownership of ourselves. Not everyone will agree with the way you do things – & that’s ok!





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Jacqueline Rimmer
[email protected]
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