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I know you're probably a lot like me - a creative thought leader. You're someone who has an abundance of ideas, am I right?? Let me guess, the only problem is you sometimes (or more often than you care to admit??) get challenged with executing your brilliant ideas. #lifeofanentrepreneur This is why our creative ideas alone won't bring success. "Business" isn't a noun - it's a verb. It's not a static entity that has fixed qualities. It's made up of an on-going dynamic dance of ideas and processes that move toward a specific desired outcome (aka. goals). Our business is in constant flow of ideas from >> Idea Curation...

Many years ago I was living in Sydney, Australia, and worked in a beachfront café in Manly. I worked with an international staff along with two hilarious British cooks. I worked most morning shifts alongside the cooks, who used to admire a gorgeous surfer girl everyday walking back, surfboard in hand, from her morning ritual on the waves. They obsessed about her and because they didn't know her name, they called her "Juliet". All in fun one of the cooks would recite lines from Shakespeare, loud enough for only our ears and entertainment, as she confidently floated past us in her teensy...

I'm *gently* calling you out on this. You need clients like… yesterday. But what you don’t need, is to chronically tweak your website, revise your sales page a 100x, watch more FB Lives, and continually consume content all day long. For the most part, all of that is code for perfectionism. Being afraid of taking a bold step for fear of doing it “wrong”. I see so many entrepreneurs focused on activities that don’t make them or their clients money. Believe me, you've already got all the goods within you to make it happen. <3 Except maybe one thing. And fyi, I did the same thing...

Anyone else have a mild addiction to self-dev?? What does it mean to you to be "better"? Is it perfection? Is it taking baby steps? Is it steady improvement in one area at a time? Does it mean discipline? Does it mean hard work? For those of us who are obsessed with self-development + growth, it simply means it's part of who we are and have adopted it into our lifestyle. I've always been this way since I was 8 years old when I discovered I was in control of my body. And if I didn't like something about myself I could change it. I didn't like the look...