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A MUST-READ if you know you're holding yourself back. I sat down this morning to send some follow-up emails to potential clients I had met last week. 2 out of the 5 start-ups I met with felt they weren't ready to dive in and create a signature brand and online presence. Even though I had explained that it would probably take them months if not years to DIY something similar without skilled brand mentorship guidance. A part of me feels compelled to go into rescue-mode and discount my packages to resolve their financial objection. I reminded myself that it's not about the money. It's really about the...

Have you ever judged yourself based on how many likes, comments or maybe the lack-there-of, on your social media posts? Or maybe you held back posting your strong opinion for the fear of criticism + haters. I know I have. Too many times for my bruised ego to admit. Until one day, I had a mentor give me a reframe on raving fans, followers, and haters. She said you can't judge the quality of your posts on the engagement or dilute your voice because that twisted perspective will hold you back from the uninhibited inspired action that you need to post freely, frequently +...

Do you share a clear brand message every single day with your audience and tribe? When you're just starting out, the notion of sharing your message everyday may seem over-whelming. But the consistency couple with quality of the message will make an impact! How clear is that message? Are people understanding it and connecting emotionally to it? I help clients define they're over arching message because sometimes we're so close to our work that we can't always see the potent core message within it. The power of clarity in your brand message is far more important than persuasion because if people are confused, then the...

You want the best personal development program on the planet? Become an entrepreneur. I see it as being a game. It's like going to a baseball pitching machine that's set to *high* and balls are coming at you literally every second. You just got to keep knocking them out and eventually you get better at vetting those balls and you get into a rhythm. But when you shift your focus and take your eye off your business on to somebody else and start comparing your performance to theirs - you get hit. Everyone has their own destiny, their own path, and all we can...

If your time is constantly compromised ask yourself: Where have I been spending my time where it doesn't serve me or my business? In other words, where are your time leaks? Once you're aware of the leaks, you can patch them. This all comes back to how it affects not only your business, but your brand leadership growth. A few years ago, in my second year of business, I suddenly became so busy that I almost needed to hire a couple of staff members to help manage the growth effectively and I quickly realized that, first and foremost, I needed to have solid boundaries...