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If your time is constantly compromised ask yourself: Where have I been spending my time where it doesn't serve me or my business? In other words, where are your time leaks? Once you're aware of the leaks, you can patch them. This all comes back to how it affects not only your business, but your brand leadership growth. A few years ago, in my second year of business, I suddenly became so busy that I almost needed to hire a couple of staff members to help manage the growth effectively and I quickly realized that, first and foremost, I needed to have solid boundaries...

We've all seen it. An idyllic picture of success standing in front of the Eiffel Tower or some other world renowned location. Flowing hair, runway dress and sparkly heels topped off with freshly manicured nails and a beaming smile that says "I earned $1 million this year and my empire is still growing". And depending on the headspace you're in at the time - you either loathe it, or love it. Do you look at those images of successful women entrepreneurs and wonder if that lifestyle and that level of success is attainable for you? Or do you look at it and think "Meh."...

The most effective marketing + sales strategy in the world is when you decide to show up as yourself. I know, I know that's a big claim + you're probably sick to death being preached to on how to "be authentic" in your business. (Gah!) But here's the dealio - until I see more 6-figure earning, happy, thriving entrepreneurs, I'm not gonna stop preaching about authenticity! #sorrynotsorry ☺️ Why? Because there's no denying it works! We've seen it firsthand - from people like Oprah who built her career on daytime tv, not acting as a character but exactly who she is...

Good. It means you're growing! You're a business owner - which means you're a badass risk taker. You didn't start this business believing it was going to be easy, am I right? Running a business requires us to get uncomfortable and stay in uncertainty so much of the time. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is one of the keys to continuously grow and expand your business. So why do people sliiiide back into the cozy comfortable nest of what's familiar? It's human nature - that's why. We haven't built those neural pathways yet so our brain and subconscious perceives that change & growth as a threat to...

What do you see when you look at someone like Richard Branson? Do you see him as one of the most powerful business icons and philanthropists of the 20th and 21st century? I certainly do. I also see an inspiration in business. A true leader who understands people and how to create and leverage a global brand phenomenon from nothing. He's one of the best examples we have today of social entrepreneurship and personal branding. We all have something in common with Richard. We're passionate entrepreneurs who want to make an impact in peoples lives. We've learned from our failures over & over again, relentlessly brushing...