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“Business” isn’t a noun – it’s a verb.

I know you’re probably a lot like me – a creative thought leader.

You’re someone who has an abundance of ideas, am I right??

Let me guess, the only problem is you sometimes (or more often than you care to admit??) get challenged with executing your brilliant ideas. #lifeofanentrepreneur

This is why our creative ideas alone won’t bring success.

“Business” isn’t a noun – it’s a verb.

It’s not a static entity that has fixed qualities.

It’s made up of an on-going dynamic dance of ideas and processes that move toward a specific desired outcome (aka. goals).

Our business is in constant flow of ideas from >>
Idea Curation to Marketing Strategy to Production to Launch.

Just think about how frequently we do this in a 1 year lifespan of our business!

How do you think it would impact your biz if you had support to create a foundation + roadmap for every great idea you know damn well is viable that would generate leads, money + growth for you, but haven’t executed yet?

Being a brand strategist, coach & consultant, I see firsthand the result that clear, fast action can make with ideas for entrepreneurs.

I want nothing more than to see you thrive in your business – that said, I want to help you create offerings that light you up, make massive impact in the world, monetize + launch them – to generate the income you deserve!

I just launched a limited time offer called, Magic Mojo & Money Sessions – to my subscribers.

It’s become so popular that I’m sharing it here with you.

This is a unique session style and focus that I crafted based on the needs of sooo many of my clients.

This is going to save you so much time, money, sweat/stress/tears, and get your idea packaged + launched faster than you ever could’ve imagined!

In 90mins, you + I will not only unpack your idea, but we will…

-> Create a plan and strategy around all the moving parts of your offering,
-> Make a brand platform and visual branding (ICA, colors, fonts)
-> Identify the implementation locations (website, sales pg, social media)
-> Create a marketing strategy and timeline

It’s priced to leave no excuses on the table.

Let’s make some magic, mojo, + money for you this quarter!

Connect with me from the Contact page.




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Jacqueline Rimmer
[email protected]
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