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If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change

I’m *gently* calling you out on this.

You need clients like… yesterday.

But what you don’t need, is to chronically tweak your website, revise your sales page a 100x, watch more FB Lives, and continually consume content all day long.

For the most part, all of that is code for perfectionism. Being afraid of taking a bold step for fear of doing it “wrong”.

I see so many entrepreneurs focused on activities that don’t make them or their clients money.

Believe me, you’ve already got all the goods within you to make it happen. <3 Except maybe one thing.

And fyi, I did the same thing for the first couple years in business and I learned the hard way, through my own painful experience + almost went broke – but had several 6 & 7-figure women biz moguls confirm my discovery.

What is it?
You have to get visible.

You need to have a strategy.

A much more effective daily work schedule is to focus on creating results – instead of working yourself into oblivion – which can lead to giving up entirely on your dream!

I know you want change, but we can only ever help those who are willing to change.

Change can be simple. It’s just a matter of *deciding*.
If you want help to inject money into your business NOW and you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone to do what it takes to make that happen (aka getting visible) – you’re ready!

I’m taking on 4 new 1:1 clients before I increase my strategy consultant rates at the end of July.

If you’re ready to make MONEY + reach your GOALS, PM me!


3 Steps to Develop a Beautiful Brand That Converts!

Jacqueline Rimmer
[email protected]
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