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What Are You Committed to Creating This Year?

Year of the Dog.

The new year got me thinking + feeling into all the learning experiences, highs + lows… the complete and utter mashup that unfolded from 2017 – what a year of extremes it was – and couldn’t help but journal a few declarations for 2018.

This will be the year of…

  • fulfilling all you’ve dreamed of.
  • being loyal to your own desires, staying on the path + committing to their fulfillment.
  • loving yourself enough to give self-permission to create a life you truly LOVE.
  • taking FULL ownership + responsibility for your choices.
  • walking away from everything that isn’t serving you, even when it is painful.
  • making tough decisions and risk heartbreak.
  • showing up with love + kindness even if you are judged.
  • being vulnerable + putting your heart on the line.
  • being committed to serving your body, mind, + spirit in ways that honour your present + future.
  •  choosing love over fear.
  • setting personal boundaries + risk not being liked.
  • letting go of expectations, even at the risk of disappointment.
  • sitting in discomfort + forging on anyway.
  • having massive courage + making the decision to take risks.


Here’s to your 2018.

I hope it allows you to focus on what’s truly important for you.

What are you creating this year?

Declare it.

And let’s celebrate it with each other! (share in the comments)

#2018declarations #celebrateyou #yearofthedog

(* Part of this was inspired by the lovely Suzanne Hanna.)


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Jacqueline Rimmer
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