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Do What You Were Called To Do

It’s a 🎤 drop of a quote, and it may even sting a bit.

It did for me when I initially read it, then I quickly realized the power of how deeply this resonates for probably most of us regardless of whether we’re entrepreneurs earning $200/month or $2 million/month, or where we’re at professionally or personally.

That *thing* that‘s tugging at your heart and mind MUST be pursued – and the longer you ignore it, the more painful it becomes.

And there lies the rub.

That attitude comes from your constant unfulfilled desire.

It’s literally weighing you down, dampening your spirit, and you’ll never be happy until you relent, give in and heed the call.

Look at it this way: You’ve been receiving this mission and inspiration probably for years, and for good reason. You have a gift in this area and the inspiration you’ve been getting is like your key to unlock the door to a whole new world of joy, fulfilment and abundance.

You don’t have to have all the answers. The how. The who. The where. And yes that CAN be scary.

But try being curious instead – because following the path of inspiration is our purpose, and will never ever lead you in the wrong direction.

What’s that thing for you that whispers to you keeping you up at night and puts fire in your belly??

✨ Do this exercise really quick, right now if you can: Without any judgement of the outcome or how to get there, write down in your journal 1 to 2 things that you would LOVE to pursue or have happen. (You can add a timeline to this if you want)

Then write down 3 things that you’re going to commit to doing this week that will advance you in the pursuit of this dream/goal. 

Now that you’ve written this down with some intention, doesn’t it feel better??

Can you imagine how amazing it’s going to feel as you continue to work daily (consistently) towards making this happen for yourself?

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