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If you aren’t living life by design…

If you aren’t living life by design…

What does it mean to get happy + fulfilled?

I saw these words (quote) today in a group and it stopped me in my tracks.

It got me wondering how many out there aren’t allowing themselves to intentionally create a life that they truly love. 
It’s one thing to focus on your business but it’s another to purposefully intend to create fulfillment in all areas – relationships, health, wealth, career, business.

Working on your business, for instance, and having success in that one area, but miserable in every other area, is NOT an antidote for happiness.

Quick story.
At the tender age of 15, I wasn’t happy and knew I needed to change. I sought out to get happy.

What I didn’t expect was to create balance (as much as possible), joy and fulfillment in every area of my life.

Being a child of the 80s there was very few people intentionally creating a life by design – particularly teens.

I wasn’t happy with my flabby body, my mediocre grades at school, and my small # of friendships (I was painfully shy). I began working out every day for an hour #aerobics & within six months I achieved the body of my dreams, my grades picked up enough that I managed to get on the honour roll, AND I expanded my circle of friends by being consciously outgoing.

Where did that notion come from to coach myself to improve my life and get happy? No idea. #atype

I just remember being excited because I knew the solution was inside me.

Since then I’ve struggled like everyone else to have success in several areas of my life – but being a business coach (and soon to be Neurocoach) I fully understand what it takes to reignite our joy + purpose. 

My life and my clients lives are far from perfect but we’re aware that being happy and enjoying the journey is part of the game plan + intention.

(And most importantly, have fun along the way!)

And with the right support and mentorship in place – anything is possible!

If you’re feeling discouraged and overwhelmed by the changes you want to make, know that there isn’t anyone who has perfection in every area of their life. There’s always something that needs work. That’s life.

But know this…
Magic is found once you begin to focus on those areas you want to improve. You’ll start to get a sense of freedom, liberation and purpose once you start making those shifts.

So allow yourself to dream – and enjoy the ride.
Life is meant to be FUN! 


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Jacqueline Rimmer
[email protected]
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