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Letting Go to Allow Something Else to Grow

You maybe asking how you can possibly let something go because that feeling about that person, place or thing was part of your identity wrapped up in a strong belief.

It served a purpose.

You may ask: How do I know it’s time to let it go?

For instance, women entrepreneurs often struggle to see themselves as big contenders in business.

They don’t see themselves as the powerful global changemakers that they actually are.

I find this particularly sad to see because the life they’ve been dreaming of is on the other side of that negative belief.

They may have all the know-how and all the expertise and all the right connections…

But until they let go of past beliefs that have kept them held in the same spot for months or years, they can’t get there!

How do you know you need to let go of a belief?

If you feel ANY negativity toward it then you know it’s a block and it’s time to let it goooo!!

It’s literally preventing you from receiving what you want.

Let go of your beliefs + perceptions around it and let go of the outcome to make way for something beautiful in its place.

And hey, if this feels overwhelming, you can start small.
One step at a time… 😘

What are you letting go of today?

Let me know in the comments!


Mwah! xx


#letitgo #makeway


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Jacqueline Rimmer
[email protected]
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