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I humbly share some of the feedback I’ve received recently.

I’m so grateful to work alongside such diversity and talent. 

“OMGGGGGGGGG! I love you!!!!  It is more than fantastic.  WoW WoW Wow. Thank you ever so much!”

–  Leah Putnam, Owner + founder of Living Wholy – www.livingwholy.com

“Jacqueline is immeasurably talented in her craft!”

She is wise, intuitive, compassionate and puts her clients above all. She will help you see what you need to see, understand what you learn and help you act upon it from the first session. She also spends time really getting to know YOU! You will grow so much from the exploration of yourself and your ideal client. The work is very in depth and focused, inspiring and provocative. You will have more understanding and confidence than you ever believed possible. Your clients will benefit 10 fold from you going through this process. Once you know who you are, who they are and how to connect with them you can truly begin to serve them as you were designed to do!

 Roxi Zilmer

“Beautiful branding and design. Supportive. Big ideas. Positive energy. Great service. That’s Jacqueline!”

“Before I met Jacqueline I did not know what branding was! I didn’t have a beautiful and professional home page. When Jacqueline came to help my business she brought a bunch of colors, styles, business ideas and energy with her! She had a plan. She was determined. The first time I saw my home page I got tears in my eyes! I never thought someone could ever create a brand for me that was SO PERFECT – because it was SO… ME! She was next to me from the beginning till the end.”

 Anna Pugačova, 
Founder of Anna Naturals – 

“I literally gasped when I saw what you made for me. It is so beautiful!”

“Before I worked with Jacqueline, I really had no idea what branding meant. I’m a new biz owner, and this was my first website. But now I’m clear on what Authentic Branding is! If I had just said, “Please make a site that’s absolutely me, but the most wonderful parts of me,” well, that’s what I got. I get constant comments about how beautiful, fun, glowing, fantastic my website is. My oldest friends say it couldn’t be more me. It’s a website I’m so proud of. And there’s no one who could have done a better job than Jacqueline at JCR Studios.”

– Tara Leduc, Founder of TaraLeduc.com – 

“Dreams really do come true… when you work with JCR Studios!”

“I knew the vibe, feel and energy I wanted for my new business site but I wasn’t sure how to create it. Jacqueline took me through a unique branding process to understand my vision and communicated with me every step of the way! The result was a not only a smooth, timely and focused process of production but a gorgeous site that has exceeded my expectations!”

–  Dr. Heidi Skye, Health Practitioner + Chiropractor – 

“Jacqueline was a delight to work with through the entire process. She is on the top of my list for future projects!”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when handing my vision (and baby) over to Jacqueline to design, but the final product exceeded anything I could have imagined. I loved Jacqueline’s positive and encouraging vibes. She was flexible and went above and beyond when I had to delay the process because life got in the way. I couldn’t be more thankful for Jacqueline.”

–  Nicky Jones, Yoga Inspired Grief Coach – www.nickycjones.com

“JCR Studios went WAY above and beyond!”

“She exceeded my expectations with my website and she was super supportive through the whole process from start to finish. Not only is Jacqueline highly skilled at design, but she is warm, kind and patient. She happily spent over 2 hours teaching me how to navigate through the WordPress dashboard… THANK YOU! I highly recommend Jacqueline if you want to work with someone who has the technical/design skills, strong business knowledge and is friendly and supportive as well. It was a pleasure to work with JCR Studios not only did I get a great website, but I learned a lot too!”

–  Julie Singer, 
Founder of The Intentional Day Planner – 

Working with JCR Studios has been an incredible experience!”  

“When I contacted Jacqueline to create a logo for me I was in the process of re-branding my business and had an idea of where I wanted to go rather then a clear vision. When Jacqueline created my corporate ID , everything turned around for me. It was like she had the vision I was lacking in the beginning.  She understood my business better than I did and her branding expressed exactly who I am and what my business is. It was great working with her! Her professionalism was incredible, time lines were met, the quality of work was outstanding, and communication was very responsive, which was crucial in keeping us on track with milestones and the completion of the project. Would I hire JCR Studios again?  HellYa!
–  Claudia Richey, 
Founder of DoshaFit®
 – www.doshafit.com

“She exceeded my expectations! I am so proud to say that my logo and brand completely represents me!”

“Working with Jacqueline was wonderful! She set the stage for me to really delve deep into what I wanted for my business. With her process, I felt inspired and excited about why I started my business in the first place!”

–  Doreen Ruffe, Founder of Synapsii- www.synapsii.com

“She consistently provides amazing service and designs!”

“Jacqueline never fails to turn around my projects in a very short time. More importantly, she takes my ideas and information and with her marketing expertise, makes them shine by highlighting a home’s best selling features. My clients are thrilled to see such high end printed materials for their properties and that in turn makes me look good!”

–  Allison Ducluzeau, 
 – www.allisonducluzeau.com

“I highly recommend her services forevermore.”

“Jacqueline took the ideas in my head and took them to the next creative level to design a modern, eye-popping book cover that’s sure to capture the readers attention. She stayed in communication and is timely for every scheduled call and delivery of products. I guarantee that she will work tirelessly and passionately to ensure that every element of the design meets your expectations and until you love it.”

–  Shonté Jovan Taylor, M.S., PhD (ABD), Potentialist & NeuroConsultant + Author – www.shontejtaylor.com

“I’m so happy with my new website!”

“It has the professional, clean look and attention-getting features that I wanted. I highly recommend JCR Studios and am grateful to Jacqueline for her patience, endless creative ideas and technical expertise.”

–  Kerry Crofton, PhD, Author of A Wellness Guide For The Digital Age – www.safertechsolutions.org

Have you got a testimonial you’d like to share? Get in touch with me here.


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