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True Beauty

Many years ago I was living in Sydney, Australia, and worked in a beachfront café in Manly. I worked with an international staff along with two hilarious British cooks.

I worked most morning shifts alongside the cooks, who used to admire a gorgeous surfer girl everyday walking back, surfboard in hand, from her morning ritual on the waves.

They obsessed about her and because they didn’t know her name, they called her “Juliet”. All in fun one of the cooks would recite lines from Shakespeare, loud enough for only our ears and entertainment, as she confidently floated past us in her teensy tiny bikini.

Then one day she came inside the café to join her boyfriend for breakfast.

We ended up talking with “Juliet” (I think her real name was Allison) only to discover she was the most gutsy, confident, self-actualized and beautiful 20 yr old girl I’d ever met. I learned that the criticism and threats she received of pursuing her dream to be a professional surfer in a male-dominated industry, didn’t stop her. She knew she couldn’t do anything else BUT live how she wanted to live – which meant to surf.

It was then that I began to realize the many facets and angles of beauty. Physical beauty is only one type – which is very limited based on the brainwashing of the media.

Even though Juliet was beautiful both on the outside and on the inside, the striking beauty of her unrelenting desire to live with joy and passion was so inspiring that I remember it well to this day (25 yrs later).

What if the best definition of beauty is when someone ignites their own internal conscious awareness, where they see their own light and inner fire, and live life each day authentically, with joy?

They become so beautiful, so lit up, & glow like a beacon.

That’s attractive.
That’s true beauty.

My wish for you & all my clients is to build and grow your personal brand by consciously redirecting some of your focus away from dwelling on your appearance, and seeing the beauty in living your life to the fullest expression!

Comment below if you are ready to began living life authenticity – with all that you are and all that you’re becoming – in your business + in your life!



3 Steps to Develop a Beautiful Brand That Converts!

Jacqueline Rimmer
[email protected]
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