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The True Entrepreneur is a Doer, Not a Dreamer

How many times a day are you reminded of all the things you need to deliver to your clients or your tribe? If you’re anything like me, probably all the day long!

As entrepreneurs we are creators, first and foremost. Instead many of us spent far too much time consuming content. (Over-thinking, making lists in our own FB Live obsessed world…)

Sure it’s great to spend time connecting with our dreams and innermost desires to reflect on the kind of business we want and the impact we want to make – but that’s our end goal, our objective, the inspiration, and our “why”. Once we make that dream our focus, it’s all about the doing baby!

Where are you focused right now?

Are you a Doer, or a Dreamer?

I believe everybody is a creator and a doer, it’s that funky mindset that can prevent us from following through on the tasks we know are important!

Speaking of doing…
I’m starting a challenge series based on doing (action & productivity) right here in the group!

If you want more fire under your butt to get a whole helluva lot more done in your biz, keep your eyeballs here. 👀

There will be accountability to keep you on track with your goals, strategy tips, visibility tips, and a lot more. #nospoiler

It’s going to be a party! With prizes… Woop-woop!

More deets coming in a FB Live tomorrow.

Hope to see you there!

#doer #goaldigger



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Jacqueline Rimmer
[email protected]
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