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Why is Branding so Important for your Business?

I get this question… A LOT!

Because I’m so passionate about this, I have a loaded response. Quite honestly, I could write a 10,000 word post, but I want to respect your busy schedule and provide you with this Coles notes version – with all the love and succinct clarity as possible!

First of all – imagine a world without branding…

Think about it: you’re walking along the street and you want a cup of coffee. You see a shop sign you’ve never heard of before that says in big Times New Roman typeface: to_Brand_not_to_Brand_STARBUCKSapr14(I’m using Starbucks as an example because I happen to be a fan) You walk into the coffee shop and see generic brown tables and chairs with a handful of people sipping on coffee out of plain dollar store-type mugs. It’s very quiet, no music playing, no promotional display signs, as you approach the generic looking counter to purchase your coffee, you notice the options are only: Regular or decaf, small, medium or large.

Just like many other coffee shops, the scenario is very simple and basic, but it does provide a service which is the ultimate goal.

So the big question is: Apart from the sheer coincidence of the shop being there in the moment you decided you wanted a coffee, what compelled you to enter the shop AND make a purchase?

And the bigger question: What would inspire you to purchase their coffee again and again, over a competitors’?

I don’t know about you but that was a tough visual. You see, the difference is in the “experience” and the feeling it’s given you, as a customer. (keep in mind there’s 3 main parts to the customer/client experience – a Before, During and After, but that’s another conversation!) This is essentially the main function of branding.

Branding is the deliberate experience choreographed and tailored specifically to your ideal customer.

Branding isn’t just for big business – it’s for ALL businesses.

You may have a brand spankin new business and have been confused with what the heck branding is, or maybe you haven’t been convinced as to WHY branding is truly important, or maybe you feel completely over-whelmed and paralyzed with the thought of branding, secretly hoping you can “get by” without it.

I’m here to tell you that Branding, my friends, is the numero uno focus for all business owners.  It’s the foundation of your business. Period. No lie.


If you want to:

  • Go pro, instead of playing small, and make more money in the process
  • Closely align with Who You Are, and Who You Want to Become
  • Attract and work with your Ideal Customers and Clients
  • Be known as an expert in your industry

Then, I suggest you make branding a priority. I promise, you’ll be AMAZED at the shift you’ll see in your business and in a very short period of time!

Just think of the various places where your business is experienced. Here are some common examples and branding opportunities where people will experience your business (called “Touch Points” in the marketing world) depending on where your ideal client spends their time:

  •  Social media (FB, Twitter, Pinterest etc): A great way to share more of who you are. C’mon, introvert or not, let people get to know you… build that trust!
  • Your website: Your business flagship. Clarity = Power and is key here in order to engage your ideal client. How are you standing up and standing out from the competition in order to serve?
  • Other’s websites (feature blogs/advertising etc): Inspire people! Provide crystal clear messaging to redirect people BACK to YOUR website.
  • Webinars/Teleseminars: These can be through either live streaming, recorded audio and/or visual aids. Think: How are you strengthening and reinforcing your brand during this close engagement?
  • Publications (online and print advertising/editorial spotlights): A well-crafted message and visual communications that tie in your why is important here.

You may be asking, where do I start? What can I do NOW to create my brand?

Here are the simple 3 steps to create a unique and irresistible brand that will knock the proverbial socks off of your ideal customer and client:

  1. Infuse YOU into your business
    Who are you? Start showing the BEST side of who you are in your messaging and visual communications and you will stand out from the competition. Remember, people want to buy from people they know and love.
  2. Showcase your strengths, gifts, talents and skills
    I know you’re a total rock star and obviously a leader and expert in your industry, otherwise you wouldn’t have the desire to be a business owner doing what you do. So showcase this! And don’t worry, this represents confidence (not arrogance) with your ability to deliver an exemplary service or product!
  3. Communicate your why
    I know you have an AMAZING story. Why are you so passionate about what you provide people? Communicating your why is critical to continually share with your customers and important for you to keep reviewing at various stages of your business. Constantly integrate this into your content and conversations – this also says to your clients why you care.

I hope this helped to provide clarity and confidence around your branding.  If you want to read and learn more about branding, here’s another post explaining more. Ready to get started planning your brand? You can get started by subscribing to my newsletter at the bottom of this post!

I’m on a mission to help passionate, creative entrepreneurs have a business filled with crystal clarity and confidence to attract your ideal clients and start making the money you deserve, and by extension, the freedom you’ve been dreaming of, once and for all!

Let’s be pro-active! In the comments below, tell me your biggest branding stumbling block (the why’s, the how, the DIY… give me whatever you’ve got!). Also, share your current action plan on how you’re going to work through it.

Jacqueline Rimmer
[email protected]
  • Jennifer Kennedy
    Posted at 09:41h, 16 April Reply

    Such a powerful post, Jacqueline! I completely visualized a bland brand with the Starbucks example. I like that you pointed out that a brand should be an experience. I tend to not think about that, but that one statement has changed my perspective on how to do things!

    Eventually, I’d love to start adding video to my blog posts as I feel that can really infuse ME into my site. I really love teaching and would love to somehow have “teaching” videos!

    Thanks for sharing! This really got me thinking about a million different things that I should quickly write down! 🙂

    • jcrstudios
      Posted at 13:43h, 19 April Reply

      Fabulous Jennifer! I’m really glad it’s helped to give a new perspective and stirred some creativity! Videos really are the ultimate way to connect, teach and build trust. I can’t wait to see your videos!

  • Amy F Dick
    Posted at 22:49h, 29 August Reply

    Absolutely loved reading this blog Jacqueline.

    • jcrstudios
      Posted at 01:51h, 30 August Reply

      Thank you Amy! So glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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