Did something shake your foundation?
Or do you feel that somehow, things just feel “off”?

Or maybe you’re not even sure where this intense dissatisfaction and urge to burn what you built to the ground, is coming from…

and why now.

All you know is you ain’t got time to be stagnate and stuck.

You’ve got plans + a powerful trajectory – but you need support to guide you through this labyrinth to give you clarity + bomb-confidence.

It’s affecting your enthusiasm + passion for what you once thought was your heart n’ soul work…

Are you ready


“As the legend goes, when the Phoenix resurrects from the flames,
she is even more beautiful than before.”
― Danielle LaPorte


We rise, and plateau… we rise again and plateau some more. 
We all embody the ebb + the flow. 
It’s the cyclic natural pattern of life and business.
We live in a fertile environment where we plant seeds every day – conscious or not.
We set intentions with our heart and expand into that which we desire + through actions we manifest it into the physical…
 In an ideal world.
Internally though, you’re going through what seems to be an existential crisis that is coming to a head + you’re not sure how to deal.
Uplevels of growth + transformation come at a price — unfortunately we can’t skip over needing something to miraculously having it in our hot little hands.
There must be self-initiated decision + action.

Find the courage to step in to truth to get in touch with what’s real.

Do you have a website developer already, or you’re DIY’ing it, but realize you:


  • don’t want to end up in a sea of “sameness” and look + appear like everyone else online?
  • need to build a brand that reflects who you are?
  • are a creative, soulful entrepreneur and wonder how to make a brand that blends “soul” with “sass” + expertise?
  • want marketing strategies to make you money?
  • want to get seen and raise your brand authority quickly?

Step 1: Cultivate Your Personal Brand by discovering your soulful sweet spot + owning your expert status

  • We’ll determine your brand platform (tagline, core values, + brand promise)
  • Who your dream client + customer is
  • Key words of influence: These are potent words to describe your business (your features, what you provide, your features, the benefits, and your dream client) that can be used to craft your branded copy for your website, social media, sales pages etc.

Step 2: Develop Your Unstoppable Online Presence (website, social media, blogs, media outlets)

  • Custom technical support, if needed
  • Visual branding and design guidance
  • Website development strategy

Step 3: Get Seen + Heard (visibility is where MOST entrepreneurs flail!)

  • A launch prep and strategy to help you leverage the reveal of your new brand to the world!
  • We will create a Visibility Funnel strategy that works for you
  • A Sales Funnel will also be created based on your desired sales + your offerings

** This is a framework + guideline for consideration. All is subject to customization for YOUR needs. **

Imagine what your business would look and feel like if you had:


  • Greater awareness, huge clarity + confidence.
  • A soulful brand you love + connect deeply with.
  • Get seen as a shining expert, that you are, in your industry.
  • Someone to guide you and answer questions 24/7 while you walk through all this online development + integration.
  • Get smart + tangible business strategies that will grow your business.
  • Step-by-step guidance at your own pace – on your schedule.
  • The relationship you have with your business + clients will shift.
  • We’ll brainstorm brilliant ideas and unpack them with all the details for your new offerings!

When you have a brand specialist, designer, coach + strategist in your corner while you develop your brand right from the beginning, it will not only put you on a completely different perspective + playing field—it will save you months, perhaps years (and grey hairs) exponentially growing your business for years to come!

I’ve taught dozens of entrepreneurs just like you to take ownership of their online business by fully understanding, developing + marketing a soulful brand that excites and unlocks a deeper insight into your business!


Developing, mentoring, consulting, and strategizing upcoming brilliant brands like yours, is where I sparkle.


It’s my passion to guide + support you to achieve your wildest dreams of having the business + life you LOVE! You need to know that…

I take YOUR success as seriously as MY OWN.

Book a 30 min Brand Mentoring + Strategy Consult with me to see if this program is a fit for you!


3 Months

Define, refine + transform your brand, boost your confidence + get you making money! We’ll cover 2 steps out of 3. YOU choose whatever area you know you need the most support in.


6 Months

No more confusing tech and never really knowing the “how to’s” of creating a gorgeous brand. Together we’ll transform your business, create a magnetic, signature brand, get you set up to start making money, and get you seen + heard!

A few words from my clients

“Jacqueline is immeasurably talented in her craft!”

She is wise, intuitive, compassionate and puts her clients above all. She will help you see what you need to see, understand what you learn and help you act upon it from the first session. She also spends time really getting to know YOU! You will grow so much from the exploration of yourself and your ideal client. The work is very in depth and focused, inspiring and provocative. You will have more understanding and confidence than you ever believed possible. Your clients will benefit 10 fold from you going through this process. Once you know who you are, who they are and how to connect with them you can truly begin to serve them as you were designed to do!

Roxi Zilmer

“The feeling of being empowered by my work…”

The biggest thing I got out of the Fearlessly Branding You mentoring sessions was the feeling of being empowered by my work and the confidence in letting my heart shine through the fear while embracing a greater level of visibility.

Melissa Lapointe

“Thank you so much Jacqueline – the session was amazing!”

I have so much inspiration to take away with me and work on!! I really feel like I can already take my business up a new level and make it feel more ‘me’. Thanks for all the insights and wisdom!
– Bethan Carr, Spiritual Healer + Development, www.bethancarr.com

“I have clarity around my branding…”

With Jacqueline’s help, I now have the knowledge of how I want to be seen in my industry and I have clarity around my branding, which I didn’t have before working with her. I am incredibly grateful for Jacqueline and her vision for me and my brand!

– Seanna Nichol, Virtual Assistant, Writer + Photographer, www.seannanichol.com

After just one session, Jacqueline gave me the clarity to stay focused with my marketing this year and make big changes in my business.”

I learned how to find my ICA on several social media platforms, how to schedule my marketing activities into my day and how to reach out to local businesses and publications to get my name out there. I can’t wait to put her ideas to use! – Crystal Jones, Photographer, www.crystaljonesphotography.com

“Even though I only had one session with Jacqueline (I want more!), it made me realize how helpful it is to have support on my journey to actually see my stuff out there and connecting with my clients in a really valuable way! It is way too easy to get stuck in one’s own stuff and Jacqueline, you were very helpful in giving me intelligent, clear action steps to get moving again. I look forward to working with you again!”

– Mariette West, Relationship + Life Coach, www.claimyourlife.ca


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